Breaking out of Prison is easier than you think

Contributed by Allen Kabello

This paper explores three published online sources about vulnerabilities in Access Control Points (ACP) with prisons. While there are many different forms of Access Control Point (ACP), the main security system used in our prisons today is a basic Programmable Logic Controller (PLC). This paper refers to many incidents that have happened in prisons across the United States. Which have been only increasing over the years. It will also cover how an attacker on the outside can gain access to any high risk or high violent inmate that can lead to bodily harm to inmates, guards, and civilians which can lead to death. It will also review some of the preventative measures that can be used to limit or remove these incidents from recurring. This paper examines the use of a honeypot system and how to implement an Intrusion Detection System (IDS). It also covers how the physical security should not be solely replaced by machines.

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Interesting article Allen. good job on the way you analysed the concern of security in a place we think is secure.

yes, physically secure but in todays' world were we entrust the access control to technology, it makes it possible to break.

Thank you for your feedback and glad you enjoyed the article.