Computer Crimes

Contributed by Erlin Umanzor

Cybercrimes refer to crimes that involves networks, and computers. For example, hacking, internet fraud, identity theft, and hate crimes are all consider cybercrimes. These crimes are divided into two categories, which are crimes that target computers directly such as viruses, and malware. Also crimes that use computer networks to steal personal information, financial information. The first cybercrime is dated back to the 1820s in a textile manufacture plant in France, but it was not like a modern cybercrime because this particular crime did not involve a computer, and at that time the closest thing to a computer was an abacus. Joseph-Marine Jacquard, who owned the textile manufacture company invented the loom device, which is was used to weave special fabrics. This device threatened Jacquard’s employees because they were scare to lose their job to the loom device. Consequently, the employees decided to sabotage the loom device so that Jacquard would be discourage from using it. As I stated before this crime was very different from our current cybercrimes. In today’s world our technology is so advance that cybercrimes can be very devastating.

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