Allowing Linux to Authenticate to a Windows 2003 AD Domain

Contributed by Thomas J. Munn, and restored from the archives.

Active Directory Integrating LINUX servers with group-based restrictions for logins using CENTOS One of the main problems with UNIX/Windows environments is the lack of integration between the two platforms. Userids have to be created separately on each environment, passwords changed separately, etc. This doubles administrative work. This paper will explore using one of several different ways that you can active directory integrate your LINUX boxes to your windows AD forest. This document will give you integration between your linux boxes and your Windows AD forest. Additionally, it will allow you to control who can login to the LINUX boxes by group memberships within Active Directory. It will give you full ‘password’ integration, including the ability to change NT passwords from linux. It will also provide redundant Kerberos servers, so that authentication will be available if a primary KDC goes down.

This document is in PDF format. To view it click here.

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